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About Moldova – The Basics Before Visiting

Travel to Moldova and discover the unique beauty of the country. Below you can find general information about the country, some popular attractions and its capital Chisinau. Moldova or officially Republic of Moldova is a South-Eastern Europe country, bordering Romania [...]


Attractions near Old Orhei in Moldova

Old Orhei (Moldova) archeological complex is located in the Valley of Raut River, a right creek of Nistru River, between Trebujeni and Butuceni villages, Orhei district (some 60 km northeast of the capital, Chisinau). The medieval town of Orhei established [...]


Customs and Holidays in Moldova

Moldova has a unique culture, rich in holidays, customs and traditions. Shaped by history, customs and traditions have emerged from the combination of Russian, Ukrainian, and other influences with local Moldovan knowledge. For example, in Moldova it is customary to [...]


Homemade Cookies Recipe

  1. Ingredients To prepare homemade biscuits you will need: 1 egg 200 g of sugar 1 teaspoon salt  (5 ml) 200 g of homemade mayonnaise (can be replaced with store-bought mayonnaise) 200 g of margarine flour (amount varies)   [...]

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