Trebujeni, Moldova is a commune center located near the Old Orhei complex, in Orhei district. Situated in the central part of the country, it is very rich in forests and valleys. The landscape is picturesque and the small village possesses a unique beauty. Every season brings up a different mood: in winter the village is wrapped in silence, while in summer the whole village returns to life with peasants working their fields, children playing on the streets and tourists are discovering the beauty of our country.

The village of Trebujeni Moldova is situated between the Butuceni and Morovaia villages. The three villages are separated by limestone rocks endowed with caves. These rocks had been carved by the Sarmantic Sea that once existed here. The community has been established in the 16th century with some of the local hand-built houses dating as far back as 1573.

Trebujeni, Butuceni and Morovaia villages have flourished around the same period. They are approximately 400-500 years old. At the beginning, Trebujeni village covered a bigger surface and housed the local fair market where natives from neighborhood villages were trading their goods.

Nowadays, Trebujeni is a small village where people grow their own food, make their own wine and follow local traditions, typical for the rural life of Moldova.